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Domestic Violence


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Domestic violence is a pattern of cotrolling behavior that includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse. It is a crime that affects millions of people across the United States regardless of your age, economic status, race or religion. There are many high-profile domestic cases that will attract headlines, but thousands of people experience domestic violence every day. Abuse is not your fault, and you are not alone.

What Kind of Relationship is Domestic?

Domestic abuse is far more than an angry husband punching his wife. Many states have laws and statutes that can protect those in a relationship. Domestic violence laws can include anyone related by blood, marriage, or persons living in the same residence.

When Should I Seek Legal Help?

A common misconception is that domestic violence laws only apply to physical abuse, or that without evidence of some form of physical harm, you cannot get help. Just because you may not have a scar doesn’t mean you don’t have emotional ones. There are laws that can protect victims of emotional abuse as well. Domestic violence cases can be legally and emotionally difficult to handle, and I advise that if you believe you are experiencing domestic violence you should turn to an attorney for help.

What Can a Domestic Violence Attorney Do That I Cant?

A domestic violence attorney can do all of the following

Get a protection/restraining order in place.A protection or restraining order can prohibit the abuser from making any kind of contact or coming within a certain distance of the victim. A protective order can also force the abuser to move out of a home that is shared with the victim

File a domestic violence lawsuit. A domestic violence lawsuit allows a victim 0f domestic violence to recover for any medical expenses, financial loss, or pain caused by the domestic violence

 File for divorce. An attorney can help you through the divorce process if you decide that you would no longer like to be with your spouse. An attorney can help you with your right to spousal support, and recieving a share of marital property.

 Represent you in court and deal with the opposing party. A domestic violence attorney will be your advocate in court, and can obtain and complete the required documents needed to dea with the opposing side throughout the entire process.

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