Dissolution of Marriage

Responsible, Reliable, Informative, Supportive and Caring about her clients. Suzette is very knowledgeable in Family Law and made sure I was updated every step of the way. She is a strong lawyer who made sure my rights were heard and defended. Very professional, poised and most important of all, she made sure that I was satisfied and confident with the proceedings and outcome. I am very happy Suzette was on my side helping me through a very difficult time in my life. A+


THE BEST!!!!!!

Suzette is FIRST CLASS! Not only is she super sweet, but she is super bright! The precedents she cited in my case made it a SURE WIN. She cares. I have worked with other attorneys for other issues, and I will refer Suzette to ANYBODY who needs legal advice. I take pride in how I present myself. I am proud to have Suzette represent me in ANY matter and in ANY courtroom


Highly recommend! Extremely Knowledgeable, Excellent and Professional

With each passing day my appreciation and gratitude for my attorney grows. I use to have a notion about father bias in the courts, that the court favor mothers more than fathers. Over the years, that thought process has been “placed on its back”. As a Father, I’ve been blessed to have Attorney Suzette Hyde as my representative. Her main concern from day one has been fairness and to fight her hardest for my son and I. In spite of my ex-wife’s motions after motions to make me appear to be irresponsible, Suzette was able to allow the judge see otherwise. Due to my analytical thinking I tend to over think thing sometimes. Suzette was able to advise me properly during meditation, where as, I didn’t have any regrets later in my decisions. She continues to AMAZE ME! I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Suzette. Whenever I emailed or called with any questions or concerns I was contacted back in a timely manner. Her professionalism and understanding made this difficult process much less stressful. She goes above and beyond what anyone could imagine!


Out of State Representation!!

I am from Atlanta, GA and I am going through a extremely contentious divorce. My soon to be ex-husband absconded with my children and held them in Flordia, and even went the courts and obtained a TPO to keep my from my children! After winning custody of my children in Georgia courts, he still would not return my children!. Mrs. Hyde was just the person I needed. Without any hesitation and with extreme confidence she said that she would be happy to represent me. She was able domesticate my foreign custody order, dismiss the TPO order from Florida and she even went the extra mile to meet my after I caught a last minute flight to retrieve my children! She is a wonderful lawyer, and I would recommend her to anyone in need of great representation!


Great Laywer!!

I went to attorney Suzette Hyde for consultation back in 2008, for several issues which included problems with my mortgage, at one of my lowest point during the financial hardship. She was able to help me out of foreclosure with both of my properties. We went on to have a long lasting relationship. The one case I will be internally grateful to her to her was the one that involves Social Security case disability. I suffered a devastating illness which led to my disability. Suzette was able to pinpoint exactly what information they needed and found the error with their calculations. She made a long process extremely easy to navigate. Suzette was able to reverse their initial decision on my case. She has always made herself available. Therefore she will always be my first call!

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