Dissolution of Marriage

Responsible, Reliable, Informative, Supportive and Caring about her clients. Suzette is very knowledgeable in Family Law and made sure I was updated every step of the way. She is a strong lawyer who made sure my rights were heard and defended. Very professional, poised and most important of all, she made sure that I was satisfied and confident with the proceedings and outcome. I am very happy Suzette was on my side helping me through a very difficult time in my life. A+


THE BEST!!!!!!

Suzette is FIRST CLASS! Not only is she super sweet, but she is super bright! The precedents she cited in my case made it a SURE WIN. She cares. I have worked with other attorneys for other issues, and I will refer Suzette to ANYBODY who needs legal advice. I take pride in how I present myself. I am proud to have Suzette represent me in ANY matter and in ANY courtroom


Attorney Suzette Hyde has been a beacon of hope where I honestly felt like the world and law has been completely against me. I hired Ms. Hyde for a custody case. My case is an EXTREMELY complex one which involved several different aspects of law. Ms. Hyde has been a diplomatic, yet aggressive attorney advocating, not only for me, but for the overall well-being of my daughter. Before hiring Ms. Hyde, I had hired several attorneys who were too lazy to do their jobs. I was clearly going to lose my case if I were to continue with those attorneys. After I spent $12,000 in legal cost and attorney’s fess, I had little money and no hope to even have a chance to have a fair trial. After lot prayers, tears and research I came across Ms. Hyde’s profile AVVO. During this time, I was interviewing many extremely expensive attorneys’ whom did not give me enough confidence to hire them, despite their hefty price tag. I spoke with Ms. Hyde over the phone and schedule an interview. In her office, I was like a child in tears explaining to her how “over the top” my case is and how I had lost hope in the law and all attorneys; however, I had to continue to fight for the welfare of my child. Ms. Hyde took my case with only a month to go before trial (unheard of). Despite Ms. Hyde having other cases and clients, I can honestly say that I have and still feel like I am her ONLY client. I feel she treated my case as her priority. She does not miss a step. She has been in contact with me to organize and prep everything for trial. I really thought she was going to dump my case when I showed up to her office with 9 boxes of paperwork, containing motions from the opposing counsels and the intimidation of this overzealous counsel, unfair reviews from a bias Guardian Ad Litem and false Child Protective Service Reports. Ms. Hyde managed to organized it all and meet the unfair last minute demands of the Court. She still gave me the benefit of the doubt from all these horrible troubles and was willing to work on my case diligently. Ms. Hyde is a true justice advocate.From my experience, I can confidently tell you that Ms. Hyde has been the only attorney that has really advocated for me as I believe I deserved. Never, has she missed a deadline; she always has a prompt response from my contestant inquiries and random emails, texts and phone calls. She has been a true professional. This is not my first experience with lawyers. I have had 4 lawyers in my case and Ms. Hyde is the best attorney I have ever had. Her professionalism and willingness to advocate for me was an answered prayer. I would refer her to anyone that needed a lawyer.


Highly recommend! Extremely Knowledgeable, Excellent and Professional

With each passing day my appreciation and gratitude for my attorney grows. I use to have a notion about father bias in the courts, that the court favor mothers more than fathers. Over the years, that thought process has been “placed on its back”. As a Father, I’ve been blessed to have Attorney Suzette Hyde as my representative. Her main concern from day one has been fairness and to fight her hardest for my son and I. In spite of my ex-wife’s motions after motions to make me appear to be irresponsible, Suzette was able to allow the judge see otherwise. Due to my analytical thinking I tend to over think thing sometimes. Suzette was able to advise me properly during meditation, where as, I didn’t have any regrets later in my decisions. She continues to AMAZE ME! I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Suzette. Whenever I emailed or called with any questions or concerns I was contacted back in a timely manner. Her professionalism and understanding made this difficult process much less stressful. She goes above and beyond what anyone could imagine!

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