Highly recommend! Extremely Knowledgeable, Excellent and Professional

With each passing day my appreciation and gratitude for my attorney grows. I use to have a notion about father bias in the courts, that the court favor mothers more than fathers. Over the years, that thought process has been “placed on its back”. As a Father, I’ve been blessed to have Attorney Suzette Hyde as my representative. Her main concern from day one has been fairness and to fight her hardest for my son and I. In spite of my ex-wife’s motions after motions to make me appear to be irresponsible, Suzette was able to allow the judge see otherwise. Due to my analytical thinking I tend to over think thing sometimes. Suzette was able to advise me properly during meditation, where as, I didn’t have any regrets later in my decisions. She continues to AMAZE ME! I am extremely pleased with the service I received from Suzette. Whenever I emailed or called with any questions or concerns I was contacted back in a timely manner. Her professionalism and understanding made this difficult process much less stressful. She goes above and beyond what anyone could imagine!

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